Simple Ways to Reduce Dust In Your House

The best way to reduce dust in your home is by keeping it from sneaking inside in the first place.

Reduce Dust That Comes In

Upgrade your doors and windows. The old-fashioned single-paned windows let dust from the outside in very easily. You can also look at putting in caulk around the window frame. Time wears it down, and it’s a good way of sealing the area where air could get in. You can also get a draft stopper for any doors that you have. And make sure your door is hanging straight. It won’t be perfect for keeping out the dust, but it definitely helps.

Regularly clean and replace the filters in your furnace and air conditioner. A positive extra is that your furnace will run better saving you money.

Buy HEPA air-filtration systems and keep them around the house. They regularly cycle the air through filters. It helps a lot if you have pets with keeping down the dander.

Cleaning Dust More Easily

You won’t be able to keep it all out, unfortunately. Often, you’ll get dust filtering down from the space between your roof and ceiling. Now, there are some days when I think the spiders bring it in since they’ll sneak into the house too.  (i’m kidding by the way. I figure I’d better put in some humor or else these articles can get so boring)

Use a lint roller on your lampshades to pull the dust off. It’s so much easier than having to take them off and vacuum them.

If you don’t want to use a duster, take an old sock and place it over your hand. You could spray it with dusting spray, or just go to town swiping up all the dust you can see.

Get a vacuum cleaner that can reach high up and vacuum the dust off of your beams and other places where it can gather.

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