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Why You May Want A Good Shop Vacuum

While most homes own a vacuum cleaner of some kind, how many have a shop vac? Shop vacuums are the home equivalent of an industrial vacuum and can be super useful with major messes.

History of Vacuums

While the residential vacuum goes back to the 19th century, the industrial version of this machine is a somewhat extra current advancement. It started being developed in the very early 1900’s. The specific needs of lots of the many commercial environments that were emerging at this time developed a void in the market. These developments brought about the birth of a device effective and also durable adequate to securely accumulate a wide variety of debris particles from a varying selection of rooms.

Shop Vacuums Today

Shop vacs are also called “wet vacs.”  And they’re wonderful for cleaning up wet messes.

When someone spills milk or soda on the floor, it’s time to rummage for a cloth somewhere. And what happens when you make a spill on the carpet? Well, that’s even more complicated, as you race to clean up before the liquid settles in. But if you have a wet vacuum cleaner on hand, then cleaning up that spill won’t take long at all. Simply plug it in, and clean. Then you’re back to having fun.

Aren’t They Just for the Garage?

There was a time when the wet vac was strictly for use in the workroom only. It was loud. It was shrill. You didn’t want it anywhere inside.  But technological developments have improved the wet vac for your home use too.

There are now a great variety of vacuum cleaners available that allow you to clean either wet or dry messes in an instant. House cleaning can be a wearisome chore, so this combination of cleaning abilities helps you get the job done just that little bit faster. And the incorporation of a number of useful features makes using your wet vacuum easier than ever before.

Won’t the vacuum container fall over when it gets too full of liquid?

Most wet vacuums are designed with this in mind and are set upon wider wheels than its dry-clean only counterparts. Don’t worry about having to check the container to ensure it doesn’t overflow either – many wet vacuums have built-in safety devices that will switch the motor off automatically once the container is full.

It seems those wet vacuum manufacturers have thought of everything! So if cleaning house is not your favorite way to spend your free time, a wet vac might just be the choice for you. Getting two things done at once – what’s not to like?

Will I need a separate vacuum?

That’s a personal choice. You may want to get a good cordless vacuum for quick cleanup and save the industrial style vacuum for the heavy duty cleaning.