Welcome to my Cleaning Pantry!

I am always trying to find the easiest way to keep up with the fur, hair, dust and other fun things that pop up.  I have long hair. My husband has long hair. Our daughter has long hair. And our two cats are long haired Maine Coons. And because they’re cats, they sometimes leave presents of fur balls around. It would be nice if they left it on the kitchen vinyl floor. But no.  They have their favorite spot in the living room on the carpet.

When we bought that carpet, it was supposed to be stain resistant. For the most part, it has been. I still have to get the spots cleaned up.

Cleaning Up After the Hair Bear Bunch

Because we have so much hair hanging around, I need an easy way to vacuum regularly. Plus, I need the vacuum to be easy to clean. I’ve tested a number of items and wanted to share with you what I’ve found.

The one stain I’ve never been able to get out is the orange soda that my daughter spilled on the family room carpet when she was seven. I like the look of lighter carpets. I’m not sure I’d ever recommend or buy them again.  Some days, I’m tempted to rip it all out and replace it with bamboo flooring.

My husband would probably complain. He likes the feel of the carpet. So, that’s what we’ll probably keep. And I’ll keep vacuuming daily. And looking for easier ways to spot treat as well as regularly clean the carpet without breaking the bank.

Who Doesn’t Love a Clean Carpet

Do you love a steam cleaned carpet? I definitely do. But I hate having to prepare the rooms for it. And then wait while it dries. So I’m finding ways to clean carpets without the cost and hassle of a professional.

My mom never got our carpets cleaned when I was growing up. Of course, she purchased chocolate brown carpeting. Maybe there’s something to that.

Type of Cleaners

I will be reviewing vacuum cleaners, hard floor cleaners, carpet cleaners and spot treatment cleaners.

I’d love to hear from you what types of flooring you’re trying to keep clean and your challenges so I can help solve it.