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Best Vacuum Cleaner to Tackle Long Hair

Do you despise cleaning your brush roll’s matted hair after each run? Most vacuums aren’t designed to handle long hair which tends to get tangled in the brush bar. And regular vacuum maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance.

Long hair often becomse entangled in brush rolls or clog various components, reducing overall suction performance. Vacuums that are well-suited for this type of debris should excel at cleaning pet hair and feature removable brush rolls for easy cleaning of hair wraps or have anti-tangling suction heads.

If so, stay tuned; I’ll show you the best five vacuums that can tackle the problem of long hair in this post. These vacuums do not become caught in long hair thanks to the tangle free brushroll and even can pick up even the most obstinate hair on the carpet with ease. Additionally, they will save you time, effort, and money while making vacuuming more enjoyable!

  • Shark AZ2002 Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Shark IZ462H Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Zero-M Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum.
  • Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum.

Challenges of Long Hair on Hard Floors

Approximately 100 strands of hair are shed every day by humans. Even though vacuuming may appear like a quick fix, it’s not always that simple.

You’ll need a vacuum that’s specifically designed for hair, as well as one that comes with the essential attachments. Certain models can’t handle both human and pet hair, while others can’t handle long strands. This means that using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of lengthy hair may not be as simple as you had hoped. When hair gets tangled in the brush roll bristles, it becomes less effective, and you’ll run into problems.

 Additionally, the vacuum’s hose could become clogged with clumps of hair, resulting in a decrease in suction strength.

Hard Floor Challenges

It’s easy to see why hardwood floors are so popular, but they do take a little extra attention to keep them looking their best. A thorough cleaning schedule is essential, including a good vacuum for hardwood floors.

Nevertheless, what makes a vacuum great for hardwood floors, and why? Begin by purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner that has soft bristles. Using an upright without a brush roller may be possible as well. However, while brush rollers are fantastic for cleaning fluffy carpets, they aren’t great for smooth surfaces like wood.

Choose a hardwood floor vacuum with various brush rolls or attachments or one that allows you to turn off the brush roll entirely for your protection.

Challenges of Long Hair on Carpeting

The chore of vacuuming up long human hair from any type of carpet can be a pain. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that there are numerous methods for removing long hair from carpet, each with varying degrees of success. As a result, determining which vacuum is appropriate for your home isn’t always straightforward.

But which vacuum cleaner is best for removing pet and human hair from carpeting is the question. Vacuum cleaners aren’t always made to handle long hair.

If your home has carpeting, you are not alone than! Despite trends toward hard surface flooring, carpet continues to be the most common form of flooring in the United States. On the other hand, families considering new carpeting face a difficult decision—should they choose a low pile or a high pile option?

What does “high pile” versus “low pile” mean?

Defining “pile” in the carpeting world is required before we can examine whether a high-pile or low-pile carpet is beneficial for your household. The term “pile” refers to the fabric loops that comprise your carpeting—the plush surface that has helped makes carpet so popular and durable. When a carpet is described as “a high pile,” it refers to the fibers being taller and looser. Shag carpet, for instance, is a well-known example of a high pile carpet. Low pile carpeting features shorter carpet fibers and tighter loops on the other side.

You’re drawn to carpets for their warmth and comfort. The high pile is well-known for contributing to creating a warm home atmosphere.

You want to avoid your carpet becoming flattered over time. High pile carpet, despite its higher loops, is less likely to flatten than low pile carpet. You adore the lush appearance that a large, fluffy carpet provides.

The low pile may be appropriate for your household.

Your household contains allergy sufferers. A low pile carpet helps keep allergens from becoming trapped beneath the carpet’s surface. You value the simplicity of cleaning. The flatter surface of a low pile carpet makes it easier to clean stains fast and thoroughly.

You wish to carpet a dining room or a children’s playroom. Low pile carpet’s smoother surface allows chairs and toys to glide easily across your flooring.

How Modern Vacuums Handle Long Hair

The difficulty with many ordinary vacuum cleaners is that they cannot deal with long taller and looser fibers strands of hair that clump together and produce blockages. While modern high spinning brushes on vacuum cleaners are quite effective when in touch with long hair, the bristles can become trapped and coil around the hair. The length keeps it wrapped securely around the brush, making removal difficult.

Apart from the hair becoming knotted, this is a significant issue for clogging your vacuum. Hair clumping in the hose of the machine can also impair suction power. Vacuums with greater airflow and suction power typically handle this better, as they can pull the clumped hair directly into the dust bin or bag.


The two primary areas you want a vacuum to cover are as follows:

●       Preventing hair from becoming caught in the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner

●       Keeping hair out of the vacuum’s hose

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you may want to check for features such as tangle-free technology, which prevents the brush bar from becoming blocked with hair. While self-cleaning brushes are less prevalent, they are worth considering.

Our recommendations for best vacuums for long hair

Shark AZ2002 Vertex Duo Clean Power Fins Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Greater cleaning capacity is required for larger houses, which is where the Shark Vertex Duo Clean Power Fins Upright Vacuum with Powered Lift-Away AZ2002 comes in. With its extra-wide floor head and massive suction force, this cleaner is capable of quickly tackling even the largest areas and spills.

It’s fairly large and heavy, but I found it easy to man oeuvre. Additionally, the Lift-Away option gives some versatility.

The Shark Vertex AZ2002 upright vacuum cleaner is a monstrous machine. With a weight of 16.4 pounds and a large 1qt (0.25 gallon) dust cup, this is a substantial cleaner capable of cleaning even the largest homes.

To keep hair from getting tangled in the two rollers — one soft unit for hard floors and one brush unit for carpets — Shark created the self-cleaning Duo Clean head. This is a great idea, as it eliminates the need to switch floor heads when changing from one type of floor to another.

Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V15 Detect is the brand’s most powerful vacuum to date, sucking up dust and debris with ease. Dust on hard floors may be seen with the laser, and it will even count the dust particles and display the information on a screen for individuals who want proof that their home is immaculate. Because of its price and weight, it’s one of our least favorite cordless vacuums, but we think its well worth the money.

With remarkable suction power and a variety of high-tech features, Dyson offers some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, allowing you to complete one of the most tedious household tasks in the shortest time possible.

With its new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, the company has not only created the most powerful cordless vacuum ever, but it has also modified its hard-floor cleaning head so that it can identify minuscule dust particles that would normally go unnoticed by the naked eye.

V15 Detect Absolute also counts and measures the size of dust particles it collects, showing this information on an LCD screen so that you can verify that your vacuuming session is actually deep cleaning.

Shark IZ462H Vertex Duo Clean Power Fins Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The genuine issue is who will not adore the Shark Vertex Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum. The cordless design is compact, adaptable, and simple to use, making it ideal for people of all ages and abilities. As an added plus, people with extra-long hair or shed dogs will appreciate the anti-hair wrap and suction power capabilities. The small form is ideal for people with limited storage space or storing in an additional closet for quick clean-ups. Finally, people who are allergic or wish to ensure that all dust and potential irritants are removed from the air can install a washable HEPA filter.

Not only is this Shark Vertex cordless, but the inclusion of Multi-Flex Technology allows you to bend the vacuum into different configurations to reach hard-to-reach locations. For example, it flexes up to a 90-degree angle, allowing you to reach low locations without leaning down, and it enables the vacuum to fold in half for compact storage.

Shark APEX AZ1002 Duo Clean with Zero-M Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The Shark APEX with Duo Clean is the company’s next-generation upright. It’s one of the largest, most powerful, most adaptable uprights now available. The APEX with Zero-M is more powerful than any other bagels vacuum today for suction and airflow. This model features a 101-inch water lift and a 90-cfm airflow. These figures are higher than those of several better-priced products, like the Dyson Ball Animal 2 and Miele U1 Dynamic. When combined with the DuoClean head, this vacuum performs admirably on various surfaces, including rugs, carpets, and hard surfaces. The motorized lift-away system, which converts it from a large upright to a lightweight stick vacuum, contributes to its viability as a whole-home cleaner.

It has the same lightweight sensation as a stick vacuum. When in “Powered Lift-Away mode,” this vacuum can reach deep beneath furniture, which is not feasible with a regular upright. Therefore, if you’re in the market for an upright with this feature, this is a great alternative to explore.

The Duo Clean nozzle is the sole reason to purchase this upright. Shark includes a Zero-M, which I believe stands for “Zero-Maintenance.” This feature distinguishes the APEX AZ1002 as a superior choice for pet owners.

Zero-M is a row of protrusions (which resemble little fangs) that disentangle hair while the motor is running. To make it function, you’ll need to run the vacuum for about a minute after cleaning hair to allow the suction to untangle the hair.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum

It’s a corded vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Ball Animal 2. A wide range of surfaces may be cleaned, from bare concrete to high-pile carpets. Pet hair is easily removed, and both large and little garbage are easily sucked up by this vacuum. It includes a specific pet grooming tool in addition to a diverse array of other equipment and brushes, including a turbo brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool. On the negative, its powerful suction force makes it difficult to maneuver on certain carpets. Additionally, its plastic build feels a little cheap in parts, and assembling the vacuum is not intuitive.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner is a fantastic alternative for pet hair removal. It easily removes hair from any surface and includes a turbo brush to assist with vacuuming on couches. Additionally, it includes a specific pet grooming tool and a HEPA filter that traps allergens. Regrettably, the vacuum’s build quality is subpar.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 features tremendous suction and a 0.48 gallon / 1.8-liter dust container far larger than any cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. However, the wand and extension tube that are attached to the articulating handle can be removed from the main unit and used for cleaning stairs, behind furniture, and in high places, unlike Dyson’s cordless models.

The floor cleaning head has a slider that may be used to change the suction level. Additionally, you can stop the brush bar’s spinning to avoid damaging hard floors while vacuuming. A 30-foot (9-meter) power cord and a washable filter are all included with the Dyson Ball Animal 2.

Buying Guide

For long hair, there are four things to look for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner:

Ease to get rid of carpet hair

Snatch hair from the floor without causing it to get strewn everywhere.

Hair that is too long can get tangled in the vacuum and cause it to malfunction.

As a preventative measure, here are some traits you should look for. In addition to these advantages, the best vacuums for long hair stand out from the pack.

Airflow and Suction

There are two critical components to vacuum operation: suction and airflow.

The dirt and debris are drawn through the channel or hose and deposited in a bag or a cup by the airflow. As a result, the more airflow there is, the more powerful the pull.

Long hair tangled in carpet fibers is easier to remove using a vacuum cleaner with strong suction and ventilation.

Strong suction vacuum cleaners are also less likely to become clogged with pet hair than other types of vacuum cleaners. As a result, the amount of time and effort required to maintain it is reduced…

Brush rolls

For removing deeply entrenched hair, dirt and dust from the carpet, you’ll also need a brush roll or brush roller.

When it comes to getting rid of the tangles that come with long hair or thread strands, using a brush roll is not ideal.

Because hard floors and little carpets are the most common flooring types, vacuums without roller brushes are the best option for those people.

The task of detangling the brush roll is a chore that no one appreciates. It’s disgusting to have to disassemble the brush roller to get at the tangled hair. You can avoid this agony and aggravation by purchasing a vacuum with a brush roll that avoids the hair-wrapping issue. Vacuums with two typical brush roll styles are:

Streamlined Brush Roll Vacuum Cleaner

Brush rolls with no tangles keep lengthy hair from becoming tangled in the roller. Hair is not tangled in the vacuum cleaner.

Bissell pet vacuums come equipped with a brush roll of this type the diameter of their roller is greater than that of a typical brush roll. When using the larger roller, you won’t have to worry about your hair becoming caught in its teeth.

It is possible to clean long-haired pets like huskies, golden retrievers, and labs with a tangle-free brush roll vacuum without getting tangled. However, they are no match for lengthy human hair.

Brush rolls Vacuum that cleans itself

Using a self-cleaning brush roll eliminates the need for a person to manually remove tangles from hair.

The words “sounds amazing” immediately spring to mind. Shark’s “Zero-M Technology” is the most popular self-cleaning brush roll of today. While the vacuum is running, a comb on the device detangles hair.

Shark introduced the Duo Clean Power Fins roller, advancement in their self-cleaning brush roll design, recently. Flexible silicone fins are used to detach hair wraps from the roller itself in this new design.

Electrolux’s “Brush roll Clean Technology” is another example of this type of design. By pressing a pedal, a blade on this vacuum type cuts the knotted hair off the roller. The self-cleaning brush roll vacuum easily removes long hair from both humans and animals.

Power head with Motor

To effectively remove pet hair from carpets, you’ll need a tool with a motorized power head. Power heads agitate carpet fibers enough to dislodge hairs lodged in them, and then suction collects it all in a vacuum.

Equipment and Accessories

Having the right attachments is vital to keep hair at bay as it expands. A variety of surfaces can be cleaned with the help of the vacuum’s accessories. Invest in a vacuum that includes the attachments you’ll need to get the job done.


If your home is primarily wall-to-wall carpeting and is all on one level, opt for an upright vacuum cleaner. Our Cleaning Lab experiments show that upright vacuum cleaners are the most effective at eliminating deep-down debris from carpeting, thanks to the nozzle’s weight and the fact that they are often heavier. The weight of an upright, which can range from 10 to over 20 pounds, makes it difficult to move up and down flights of stairs.

If you live in a multi-story home and like an upright, you might want to keep one on each level.

Most upright vacuums come equipped with hoses, wands, and other attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like door frames and crown moldings, as well as soft furnishings Adjust the height of the nozzle and turn off the moving brush when using an upright vacuum cleaner to clean bare floors or low loop or pile carpets to avoid scattering particles and damaging flat and delicate surfaces.