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Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Pet Hair

Fur is a fact of life when you have a fur baby for a housemate. So what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair?

Hardwood floors are easier to clean when you have pet fur. The downside is that it’s just more noticeable when there is pet hair flying around or pooling in corners like a dust monster.

So to reduce the dander and fur, you need to evaluate how you will be battling it.  Let’s look at some things to consider.

How Often Do You Want to Vacuum

If you don’t mind vacuuming every day, you will want to look into a stick vacuum. They’re light, easy to maneuver, and very easy to clean out. You can read the review of my Dyson stick vacuum and see pictures.

If you don’t want to vacuum at all, you may want to look at a robotic vacuum. You train it where to vacuum and when to vacuum. Then all you have to do is regularly empty out its container.

And if you want to vacuum once a week, you will want to look into a standard upright or canister style vacuum cleaner. Standard vacuum cleaners have more suction power and better filtering.

How Much Pet Hair Do You Have

Long-haired animals shed more than short-haired ones do. And I don’t mean more frequently. They also have a lot more in volume. Now, if you brush your pet regularly, you’ll have less fur on the floor. So you will want to ask yourself how often you groom your fur baby.

Do You Have Allergies?

A canister or upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters will suck up all the dirt and dander. Plus it will stay trapped inside. For people with mild allergies, this isn’t as essential.

Why Not Use Cleaning Pads

There are systems out there that have a stick and a dusting rag that you attach at the bottom. They claim it will attract all the dirt, dust and hair. I’ve found that they mostly just push the stuff around. And then I still have to pull out the vacuum cleaner.

That was why I bought a stick vacuum. I knew it would pick up all the dirt and dust the first time. Plus, I got tired of spending so much money on the cleaning cloths.

The truth be told, I still have my stick and use the wet cleaning pads when I have to quickly mop up a spill. So I’m not against them. I just found that a stick vacuum worked better for cleaning up dirt and fur.

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