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Quick Tips to Organize Your Closet

The change of seasons is a great time to do a little clean up of your clothes closet Many organizational experts recommend organizing your clothes by the season. That makes it easier for you to find something to wear quickly that’s appropriate.

If You Only Have Five Minutes

Shuffle things around so your winter clothes are in one section, fall in another, then summer, and finally spring. It’s spring right now going into summer, and you should organize it depending upon which season you’re in. Then have the next season lined up.

If you have a small closet but good storage space, pull out the season that just passed and the one before it.

This way, you have more room to expand your clothes. Is anything more frustrating than trying to get clothing in and out when it’s packed together tighter than sardines in a can?

If you don’t organize your clothes like that, then take a few moments to get it back to the way you like. Often we’ll quickly hang something up and intend to fix it later. Some people like to keep all their shirts together and then sorted by color.

Now Is A Great Time to Thin the Herd

We all have clothes in our closet that doesn’t fit, or we honestly don’t care for. We thought it looked good, and then our weight changed or we realized that the fit wasn’t quite right. I have a lovely lavender blouse that looks great, but I hate the neckline. It creeps up.

Pull everything out that doesn’t make you feel your best.

Let it go to someone who really will enjoy wearing it.

And do you keep your shoes in your closet? Are there ones that don’t fit or you just haven’t worn them since the last time you went clubbing before you got married and had kids and pets? I have a pair of thigh-high high-heeled boots that need to be rehomed too. As Peter Walsh says, mementos are not memories. And you keep your memories in your head and heart and don’t need the mementos cluttering up your life.

image of shirts hanging neatly in a closet

Clean the Closet

Bring in the vacuum cleaner and give everything a good cleaning. Now is the time to get rid of all the dust that accumulated.

Thankfully, closets tend to stay clean. But it never hurts to at least wipe down the crevices and flat surfaces with a dust cloth.

Help Your Future Self

We tend to wear many of the same clothes over and over. My husband folds laundry and leaves it in the tubs, and so he will wear the same shirts over the weeks. It probably doesn’t help that he’s run out of room in his closet.

And no, I don’t tell him to clean and organize. I like having a happy marriage. Plus he says nothing about my yarn and fabric stash.

One way to help your future self is to turn your hangers around. Then when you’ve worn something, put it back with the hanger facing the correct way. At the end of a set period of time (like 6 months or a year), you will see what you never touched.