Bissell MultiReach vs Dyson V6

Have you been evaluating the Bissell MultiReach vs Dyson V6? You’ve come to the right review. They are both powerful stick vacuums that could replace an upright or canister vacuum in a lot of homes. You can also easily take the main unit out to your car and give it a good cleaning easily.

So which one is best for you? Read on.


Stick vacuums grew out of electric brooms and Dust Busters which were great when you needed to quickly clean up things like flour that spilled on the floor. Dyson added a powerful motor and made them more flexible. And so was born the stick vacuum that can clean the majority of your home easily.

What you want to look for is the power of the machine so you know how well it will clean. The weight can also be an issue if you will be cleaning cobwebs in the ceiling or if you have upper body strength consideration. I should also mention if you have mobility issues as well. You want a stick vacuum that is easy to move within your range of motion.

And you want to evaluate how easy it is to clean if you have a lot of pet hair or people with long hair.

How the Bissell Multi Reach Is Similar to the Dyson V6

Bissell and Dyson utilize a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery to consistently power their stick vacuums. Lithium-ion batteries are great for

Both the Bissell and the Dyson are trigger controlled. You hold down the trigger when you want the vacuum to turn on, and it turns off as soon as you release. This can be useful if you want to quickly stop the vacuum (like if someone rings the doorbell). But if you’re vacuuming the whole house, your finger can get tired.

Their motorized cleaner heads are safe for both carpets and hard floors like wood and tile.

Dyson and Bissell are well-established companies that provide a solid warranty and responsive support.

And finally, both are really easy to add and remove attachments. The wand is easy on, and easy off.

How Are They Different

You can remove the battery from the Bissell Multireach and charge it in a separate area of the house than where you store the vacuum. You would need to store the Dyson V6 near an outlet so you can charge it when it’s not in use. As an added bonus, you can purchase additional batteries for the Bissell Multireach.

You can also remove the debris cup from the Bissell handheld vacuum and empty it easily into the trash. This is a bit easier to do than the Dyson where you have to hold the whole hand vacuum over the garbage to empty it out.

The Dyson V6 has a burst of power to help pick up some items like animal fur that can get stuck in the carpet. The Bissell Multireach has strong suction. However, there are times when you just need that little extra help.

Best for Homes with Pets

The Dyson V6 is the better stick vacuum for picking up pet fur only because it has the burst of power.

This allows you to get pull the fur off of the carpet without having to endlessly go over the same spot or reach down and pick the fluff up.

Best for Carpets

The Bissell Multireach and Dyson V6 are very good for low pile. The Dyson V6 performs a little better on medium pile than the Bissell Multireach does.

I have to say that neither works great on higher pile carpeting. It will clean your carpet, but it won’t be the same deep clean that you get from upright vacuums or canister vacuum.

Best for Hardwood Floors

Both will do a great job with cleaning your hardwood floors safely. They were designed to be soft yet effective on your hardwood floors and will not scratch them up.

Final Words

Can you really love two vacuums? Both have consistent and strong suction to clean your home. They’re both really flexible for easy cleaning hard floors and carpeting. And you can easily remove parts and add in other parts to turn your stick vacuum into a hand-held vacuum that makes cleaning tight areas or the stairs so much easier.

For the price point and for two small things, I would rate the Bissell Multireach over the Dyson V6 if I were buying a new vacuum. I really like being able to store the vacuum away from where I may want to recharge the battery. And I also like the idea of being able to remove the debris cup and take it out to my garbage can in the garage before emptying it out.

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