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Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors

In modern times, cleaning our homes has never been easier. With labor saving devices, not only can we attain a higher level of cleanliness, but we can also avoid the use of viscous cleaning products and harmful chemicals. 

With the steam mop in particular, the need for bleaches and harsh products is a thing of the past, instead incorporating hot steam to break down dirt and grime on laminate and linoleum floors, all while saving effort and money in the process. 

How They Work

The steam mop works by heating water stored inside a refillable reservoir. Once the water has reached a temperature of 120C, the hot steam is fired from up to 15 jets, moistening a microfiber cleaning cloth attached to the bottom of the mop. 

The damp microfibers help attract dirt from smooth surfaces, leaving a cleaner finish without the presence of residue. This has proven more effective and labor saving than a standard mop, and the use of steam kills 99% of germs, removing the need for harmful chemicals like bleach. 

Remember though, high temperatures that steam mops reach makes them hotbeds for burns and scalding, so always apply caution. 

Our Picks

Now that you have ascertained your needs and criteria, it is time to look at some of the products. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the top 5 steam mops on 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks!

PurSteam 10-In-1 Steam Mop 

The 10-In-1 steam mop from PurSteam is a convenient, detachable, handheld unit that offers convenience and versatility without breaking the bank. 

As the name suggests, the PurSteam has 10 handy functions, allowing you to effectively clean the entire house with this one easy to use product. 

As far as household cleaning, the PurSteam is capable of cleaning linoleum, laminate, hardwood flooring, as well as sealed tiles and stone. 

It also comes with a useful handheld attachment, which allows you to clean glass, mirrors, furniture, and even steam clothes to get out wrinkles and creases. 

Child and pet safe, this product uses no chemicals during the cleaning process, relying only on the 12.8oz reservoir to provide around 20 minutes of steaming time on the lowest setting, and 12 minutes on the highest setting to ensure you have plenty of steam to get the job done. 

The 3 adjustable modes allow you to cater the mop’s steam levels to your needs, and the light yet sturdy design ensures maneuverability and ease above all else. 


  • Affordable price. 
  • Value for money. 
  • Lightweight and maneuverable. 
  • 10-in-1 functionality. 
  • Wide range of applications. 
  • Sturdy and well made. 
  • 12.8oz reservoir for extended steaming. 
  • Quick dry time (literal seconds). 
  • 16 feet cord length. 


  • Quality control issues. 

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

With the ability to kill 99.9% of household germs, all without the need of harmful chemicals, the PowerFresh from Bissell is pet and child friendly, and has a variety of modes and functions. 

If standard mopping is not doing the trick, the mop head can be detached, with a bristled brush underneath for those tough to reach stains. 

With a 12 ampere power cord length of 25 feet, the PowerFresh makes you fully mobile and maneuverable throughout your home, and the easy fill 16oz water reservoir ensures lightness and usability. 

The heater itself takes 30 seconds to produce steam, which can then be adjusted via the steamer settings on the control pad, and the 12 inch microfiber mop pad lets you reach those hard to reach spots that otherwise get neglected. 


  • 16oz water reservoir. 
  • 30 second dry time. 
  • 25 foot cord length. 
  • Sturdy design. 
  • Removable mop head. 
  • No harmful chemicals. 


  • Not suitable for hardwood. 

Dupray Neat System

Offering steam cleaning, deodorizing, and degreasing on any surface, the Dupray offers an improved system for the steam mop market, and can be used for homes and cars. 

This particular item has an external 54 oz water reservoir for prolonged steaming time of up to 50 minutes. The Dupray can then be fitted with any towel or cloth, and does not require specialist cleaning pads to work. 

Able to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, thanks to its top temperature of 135C, the Dupray not only protects you and your home from grime and germs, but also covers you with a 2 year limited warranty to ensure maximum protection and product satisfaction. 


  • Large external water reservoir. 
  • Good value for money. 
  • 2 year limited warranty. 
  • Sleek, simplistic design. 
  • Sturdy design. 
  • 50 minute cleaning capability. 
  • Professional performance. 
  • 7 minute dry time. 


  • Longer warm up time (20 mins). 
  • Heavier duty equipment. 

Light N Easy Steam Mop

Despite the cheaper price tag, the Light N Easy promotes quality, mobility, and ease of use, thanks to the 360 degree swivel mop head, the triple layered, super absorbent microfiber pads, and a modest 9.1oz water tank. 

Great on laminate, vinyl, hardwood and linoleum flooring, the Light N Easy is a perfect all-rounder at a modest price. 

The reusable microfiber pads, 20 second heating time, and the quick dry time put ease and labor saving above all else, and the 20 foot long power cord means you don’t have to constantly change outlets when cleaning. 


  • Modest price. 
  • 1 year warranty. 
  • 24 hour customer service. 
  • Reusable cleaning pads. 
  • 360 degree maneuverability. 
  • Quick heating and drying time. 
  • Solid yet lightweight. 


  • The water could be hotter.
  • Bulky mop head. 

Bissell 1940A 

The 1940A by Bissell offers quality cleaning at a modest price. 

Great at powering through tough, sticky messes with the easy scrubber attachment, and with multiple steaming modes for adjustable functionality, the 1940A is ready to use in 30 seconds. 

The 15.9oz water reservoir offers a reasonable size for most cleaning jobs, and the 115C high temperature and short drying time means it is the perfect tool for the job, putting ease, functionality, and effectiveness to the forefront. 

The low profile mop head makes it easy to clean hard to reach spots, and promotes further mobility, whilst killing 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. 


  • Modest price. 
  • Sturdy design. 
  • Good quality. 
  • 15.9oz water reservoir. 
  • Short drying time (seconds). 
  • Lightweight, maneuverable design. 


  • Pads require changing regularly. 

Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase your steam mop, there are several things that must be ascertained to make sure you get the mop of your dreams. 


Of course, a personal budget is something that needs to be decided. This is an important factor for most consumers, and getting the best value for your money is the name of the game. 

Cheap and expensive price tags are not necessarily indicators of associated quality. Expensive prices can be based on label/brand alone, and there are always cheap bargains that turn out to be hidden gems.

The trick is to examine exactly what they promise to deliver, and whether it seems too good to be true for the price. 

That being said, it is also worth considering whether paying a little more than your budget could get you a better product.

If the product in your desired budget doesn’t meet your needs, but a slightly more expensive one does everything you want, then it might be wiser to bite the bullet and opt for that. 


The overall design of the product is important for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, sturdiness is vital. Quality materials and good craftsmanship will ensure longevity and, in turn, value for money. 

Look for something with minimal accessories and moving parts. This will ensure longevity, lack of wear and tear, and less things to go wrong, get lost, or break during use. 

With anything involving water, you want something that can withstand the wear and tear, especially when that water is being heated and cooled on a regular basis. When reading reviews, always look for customer photographs, and see what they are saying about the quality of the product. 

The product should also be user friendly. This comes from an ergonomic standpoint, and in terms of usability.

In this case, the steam mop should be designed to improve your daily chores, and should be the appropriate height, have the right handle design, and shouldn’t be too heavy to use. 


When choosing products, isolate the cleaning needs you have, and look for products in your price range that best meet them. 

Ultimately, when it comes to steam mops, you want items that are well sealed and waterproof. This is important for avoiding the machinery leaking, and to avoid being scalded by the hot water/steam. 

Heat resistance is also an important factor. This is to ensure the reservoir (or the mop head) doesn’t become damaged by the rising/alternating temperatures. Sturdy, quality materials will prevent this from happening, which makes them all the more important to look out for. 

You also want a sizable reservoir size, so that you don’t need to constantly refill during the cleaning process. However, it is also important not to opt for one too large, so that the product still remains light and easy to use. 

Cord length is also important to usability, as it allows a wider range of movement during use. This reduces the risk of spills and accidents, and just makes the whole process easier. 

Customer Support

Customer support is important, especially when purchasing more expensive household items like steam mops. 

This can come in many different forms, including instruction manuals, app support, technical support, and customer service hotlines. 

These come more readily with trustworthy named brands, and their reputations hold them to account and ensure you receive the best service possible.

Lesser known brands may have less facilities in this sense, or may have poor track records regarding customer service, so be mindful of this when purchasing. 

Warranty is also something worth looking into, especially with appliances and home implements. Things break all the time, so you want a product that is warranty protected to ensure you can exchange the item for a new one, or receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reservoir Size Important? 

Reservoir size can be a double edged sword. If the tank is too big, the item becomes cumbersome, harder to use, and less maneuverable, but if it is too small, then it will require regular refill stops during use. 

However, this all depends on room size, so be sure to measure up before purchasing. 

Do I Need Add-Ons?

Plenty of products provide different head attachments to allow versatile use. These can be handy for getting under furniture, reaching small areas where dust gathers, and improving usability. 

Ultimately, this all depends on your needs, and the space within which you’re cleaning.  

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, our rundown of the best steam mops for laminate flooring. 

Remember, before purchasing it is important to do your research, read the reviews, and take the time to find a product that meets all of your needs.