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Deik vs Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review


You’ve heard of Dyson and know how excellent the brand is. Have you heard of Deik? Did you know they make a very good stick vacuum as well? But how do Deik vs Dyson compare?

How Are the Deik and Dyson Similar

The Deik and Dyson vacuum cleaners use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and bagless dirt cups for catching debris and dust. They both are easy to empty out. And they both have motorized beater brushes.

The Deik and Dyson are both considered 2 in 1 vacuums because you can remove the wand and use the handheld vacuum cleaner separately. This is useful for when you’re cleaning stairs or dusting. I love being able to take the handheld vacuum cleaner out to my car and clean up messes on the floor mats.

Both are lightweight at 4.7 and 4.5 pounds respectively. This is helpful if you are cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling or light fixtures and need to hold the vacuum up at an angle.

The vacuum bars are able to handle transitioning from a hard floor to carpeting. Remember that stick vacuums generally are not as good as upright or canister vacuums for heavier carpeting. However, they’re useful for doing a quick clean up of fur and dust.

The roller brush is easy to clean on both vacuums. With the Dyson, you unlock a part on the side of the brush head. Then you can pull out the sturdy bar and clean it.  And with the Deik, you press and hold down the roller brush release button, and then gently pull the roller brush out.

How Are the Dyson and Deik Different

You can purchase additional batteries for the Deik vacuum cleaner. This can be useful if you do a lot of vacuuming and don’t want to wait the 5 hours for the battery to recharge. Also the Deik has lights on the cleaner head.

The Deik has a suction power of 7Kpa and only one speed.  The Dyson has two speeds of suction for a useful power burst when cleaning. It’s regular suction power is 11kPa and the extra power comes in at 19kPa. So the Dyson is quite a bit more powerful than the Deik.

And while they both are stick vacuums with triggers, the Deik has a way to keep the vacuum running without having to hold down your finger. This is nice if you have a lot of vacuuming to do. I know my finger can get tired when I’m trying to vacuum the whole house.

Final Thoughts

The beater brush on the Dyson is sturdier than the Deik. However, the Dyson is also more than twice the cost of the Deik.

Dyson has excellent customer service that you can chat, email, or phone.  Deik customer support is only available via email. So if anything goes wrong, you can be assured that Dyson will definitely help you.

The biggest complaints on the Deik are that the battery stops holding its charge and drops down to 10-15 minutes rather than over 20 minutes. You can purchase additional and replacement batteries. However, the Dyson maintains it’s charge for the full time.

So, if you can get the Dyson, it will be a better vacuum cleaner.