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What To Look For In A Vacuum When You Have Pets

We all love pets, but one of the biggest inconveniences about them is their fur getting all over the house.  The removal of hair can be a tough task for some models of vacuum cleaner, but it’s important to vacuum up your pet’s fur to keep your house clean and free from allergens.  

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when it comes to buying a new vacuum cleaner for your house.  If getting rid of pet hair is a priority for you, then you need a vacuum cleaner that’s up to the task.  

In this article, we will discuss all the aspects that you should be looking out for when you’re buying a new vacuum cleaner.  We will take a look at different types of vacuum cleaners, and discuss which ones might be ideal for you and why. 

Next, let’s look at some popular types of vacuum cleaners, and discuss the ones that are most effective at cleaning pet hair from your floors, upholstery, and fabrics.  

These days, there is such a wide variety of vacuum cleaners available on the market that are great at cleaning cat or dog hair.

With this article, we’ll talk about what makes a high quality vacuum cleaner so effective at cleaning up pet hair, and the features that you must look out for in your next vacuum cleaner. 

Additionally, we’ll take a look at some other factors that you need to consider, such as your type of flooring, the sort of pet you have, and the kind of budget you’re working with. 

Types Of Flooring

The type of flooring that you have in your home, particularly in the areas where your pet is kept, is important to consider when you’re buying a new vacuum cleaner.  Check out our guide below to find out how different types of flooring need certain types of vacuum cleaner. 

Hardwood And Tile Flooring 

If your home flooring consists of mainly hardwood floors or tiled flooring, then you will want to buy a vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically for this surface. 

A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction will be able to effectively remove pet hair from hardwood and tile flooring.  If the suction is not powerful enough, it will merely blow the pet hair around the room. 

Rugs And Carpets 

A vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush is best used on carpet flooring or rugs.  The rotating brush is  effective at pulling out all the little hairs that get trapped in the fibers of the carpet or rug.  

Rotating brushes may scratch up hardwood floors, so it’s important to use the right sort of vacuum cleaner on an appropriate surface to avoid causing any damage.  


If you need to remove pet hair from your stairs, a lightweight, handheld, or cordless vacuum will be an effective tool for the job.  The portability of the vacuum cleaner is a priority for cleaning stairs, as this requires a lot of lifting and moving around of the unit.  

You should also consider the attachments that the vacuum cleaner comes with.   An extension hose or brush attachment is a great tool for getting dust and pet hair out from the corners between the stairs. 

Types Of Pet

Some pets leave more hair behind than others.  Some breeds of dog, for example, don’t shed much of their hair.  Other breeds of dog shed their coat frequently, while others shed only their seasonal undercoat. 

If your pet sheds a lot, you will require a vacuum cleaner with a high amount of power that can handle large quantities of hair.  


The amount that you’re willing to spend on your vacuum cleaner needs to be considered carefully.  There are some good budget-friendly options for vacuum cleaners, but like most products, you get what you pay for. 

Typically speaking, the more expensive vacuum cleaners have powerful motors with a range of special features and attachments.  

Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner 

There are a wide range of different designs and models of vacuum cleaners available on the market today.  It can be difficult, at first, to understand what makes them different from each other.  Let’s look at some of the most common types of vacuum cleaners that you can find online and in store. 

Upright Vacuum Cleaners 

Upright-style vacuum cleaners are good for regular cleaning, as they’re quick and easy to use on a variety of surfaces, and you don’t need to bend over too far. 

If you suffer from poor mobility or a bad back, an upright vacuum cleaner might be the easiest one for you to use.  Most upright vacuum cleaners come with a range of attachments that are useful for cleaning pet hair off of furniture. 

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are also effective for cleaning up pet hair, and they also often have attachments for upholstery and other surfaces.  

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners do all the hard work for you.  Simply program them to roll around vacuuming up your pets’ hair throughout the day. 

They are easy to use, and they provide a level of convenience that is unmatched by any other type of vacuum cleaner.  However, they may not be the most powerful and effective vacuum cleaners for picking up large amounts of pet hair from hard-to-reach areas. 

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld models are lightweight, compact, and convenient to use.  They are normally battery powered, and they can often be recharged. 

Because of their size and the fact that they are battery operated, they don’t have the suction power of larger upright or stick vacuum cleaners.  They are a very valuable option for removing hair from upholstery, clothes, bedsheets, or other surfaces.  

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners typically don’t have all the features and different functions as larger upright vacuum cleaners, but they are lightweight and easy to use on hard to reach places such as the stairs.  

Vacuum Cleaner Features 

Depending on the model of vacuum cleaner, you may have a range of different features that are useful for particular cleaning situations.  A lot of vacuum cleaners feature attachments and tools that make cleaning hard to reach places easier.  

Bag Or Bagless

Most modern vacuum cleaners have a bagless design, which has its own advantages and disadvantages.  The best part about bagless vacuum cleaners is that they don’t need replacement bags after a while. 

This can be quite the cost saving measure in the long term.  Bag vacuum cleaners, however, are better for those with allergies as they can be easily emptied, and the contents can be disposed of without any mess. 

HEPA Filtration 

A HEPA filter is an essential feature for those who suffer from allergies.  HEPA filters can trap 99.97% of particulates larger than 0.3 microns.  This make it very effective at the removal of allergens that can get trapped in carpets and rugs.  

Brush Agitator 

Brush agitators are a common feature on most vacuum cleaners.  They are effective at pulling up dirt, pet hair, and dust out of carpets or rugs.  This is a necessary feature to have if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair.  

Corded Or Cordless 

Cordless vacuum cleaners are far less cumbersome than corded models.  This make them more portable, and they are great for cleaning hard to reach areas such as stairs.  They are battery powered and they are normally rechargeable.  

Size And Weight 

The size and weight of the vacuum cleaner is an important thing to consider, as larger, heavier vacuum cleaners are typically more powerful, but they’re harder to move around. 

Pet Hair Attachments 

Many vacuum cleaners come with attachments that are particularly effective at picking up pet hair.  Look out for these specialized features and see if they will be useful for your situation. 

5 Best Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners 

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best models of vacuum cleaners for cleaning up pet hair.  All of these models are available to buy online from Amazon.  Click the links to check the prices of each of these models. 

RoboVac 15C Max Robot Cacuum

The RoboVac 15C is a robotic vacuum cleaner that takes care of all the hard work.  They automatically clean up pet hair from around your home throughout the day.  

If you only have small amounts of pet hair in your home, and you want a convenient solution, the RoboVac 15C is the perfect option.

This model features BoostIQ Technology, which means that it can sense when extra power is needed to suck up dirt or hair from areas of the floor.


  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Cordless 
  • 100 minute run time 
  • Bagless design 
  • Dirt cup capacity: 0.6 liters
  • Unibody Filter 


  • Can easily remove pet hair from carpets 
  • Slim design can clean beneath furniture 
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Cleaning pattern is randomized 
  • Filters are not washable 

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum

Despite its compact size, this Bissell vacuum cleaner is an effective solution for your pet hair problem. 

Weighing only 5 pounds, the Bissell is super portable and easy to move around.  It features a rubber nozzle that can effectively pick up pet hair from almost anywhere.

This corded model features a 16 foot power cord, and it is powerful enough for cleaning moderate amounts of pet hair. 


  • Weight – 5 lbs 
  • Corded model
  • 16 foot cord length 
  • Bagless design 
  • Dirt cup capacity – 0.78 liters 
  • Multiple filtration layers 


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight and easy to move around 
  • Features a handy rubber nozzle 


  • Can’t reach narrow hard-to-reach areas

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum 

Dyson is a very popular and well-respected brand that manufacturer some of the best in vacuum cleaning technology. They make vacuum cleaners that have an unmatched performance, and they are some of the most effective cordless vacuum cleaners on the market.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight yet powerful, and it can easily convert into a handheld vacuum cleaner for getting those hard to reach places.  

After use, it can be nearly stored on its convenient wall mounted docking station where it charges up ready for its next use.


  • Weight – 5.9 lbs 
  • Cordless model
  • 60 minute run time 
  • Bagless design 
  • Dirt cup capacity – 0.2 gallons
  • Whole-machine filtration system


  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Powerful vacuum motor 
  • Cordless design 


  • Expensive compared to other models 

Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum 

Miele are another well-respected brand in the vacuum cleaner industry.  They always perform well at picking up pet hair, but this model in particular is designed for this very purpose. 

The Classic C1 by Miele is great at removing pet hair from a variety of different surfaces, and it works great at eliminating bad odors.  It has an Active AirClean Filter that efficiently neutralizes bad smells left around by your pet 

With 6 levels of suction power, and an adjustable height, you can use this vacuum cleaner for any type of rug or carpet.  It also comes with a flexible handheld mini turbo brush, which is a very useful tool for removing pet hairs from furniture, stairs, and other hard-to-reach places.


  • Weight – 16.1 lbs 
  • Corded model
  • 19.5 foot cord length 
  • Bag system
  • 4.5 litre bag capacity 
  • Actice AirClean Filter 


  • Helps remove bad odors from furniture and carpets 
  • Features a handy mini turbo brush tool
  • Large bag capacity 


  • Expensive 

Kenmore Pet Friendly Vacuum

The Kenmore is a great vacuum cleaner for pet owners who have allergies to pet hair.  It features a HEPA filter that is certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation, as it passed their tests for low emissions of allergens while in use and while replacing the bag.

This vacuum is very effective at keeping all the allergens inside the vacuum’s bag system.  It is exceptionally good at sucking up pet hair thanks to its powerful motor and handy tools. 

It comes with an air-powered handheld tool that features a rotating brush for removing pet hair from furniture and upholstery. 

The Kenmore also features an adjustable nozzle that has five positions, which make this a very versatile upright vacuum cleaner.  However, it is rather large and heavy, and may be difficult for some people to move around. 


  • Weight – 19 lbs 
  • Corded model 
  • 30 foot cord length 
  • Bag system 
  • 5.1 liter bag capacity 
  • HEPA filtration system 


  • Features a handy rotating brush tool for furniture and upholstery
  • Versatile nozzle with adjustable height 
  • Great for pet owners with allergies 


  • Heavy and cumbersome 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Pet Hair Vacuum?

If you have a dog that sheds their fur a lot, or you suffer from allergies to your pet’s fur, then you need a vacuum cleaner that can effectively remove pet hair and allergens from your home. 

Pet hair is a substance that can easily built up and get trapped in the fibers of rugs or carpets, as well as clothes, furniture, and upholstery.  A powerful vacuum cleaner will help you remove the pet hair from these surfaces. 

Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners Good For Pet Hair?

For the level of convenience, robot vacuum cleaners can be a good investment for your home if you want consistent, automated cleaning throughout the day. 

It may be a good option for homes of busy pet owners.  However, upright models of vacuum cleaner may be a lot more effective at picking up pet hair, as they are larger, have a bigger capacity, and a more effective filtration system. 

Keep in mind that some pets may be unsettled by the robotic vacuum cleaner moving around, so it’s best to let your pet get used to them slowly. 

Does Vacuuming Remove Pet Odors? 

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner can effectively remove pet hair that is trapped within the fibers of carpets, rugs, furniture, or upholstery. 

This can help to significantly reduce any bad odors that are the result of your pet’s fur.  To really get the bad pet smell out of carpets, it’s a good idea to use a carpet cleaner or shampoo to really eliminate those bad smells from the carpet. 

How Do I Maintain My Vacuum Cleaner’s Power?

A strong, powerful vacuum cleaner is essential for the effective removal of pet hair from various surfaces.  As long as you clean your vacuum cleaners rotating brushes, and empty the dust out of the unit frequently, this should be enough to maintain your vacuum cleaner’s performance.