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3 Best Ways to Reduce Cleaning Time

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to reduce cleaning time so you can get on to more fun activities. Let’s look at the three best ways.

It’s Not the Plan….

Planning is essential. You don’t always have to follow your plan because life gets in the way, and some rooms don’t get as dirty. Give yourself the flexibility.

It is a good idea to figure out how you want to clean your home.

Are you the kind of person who wants to spend one hour cleaning the house top to bottom or would you rather do five to ten minutes a day so it doesn’t seem like a lot of work?

I like to wash all the toilets at once and get it over with. But I need to have a better plan for vacuuming.

Find Products That Help You

To save time, use cleaning products that do the hard work. If it’s been a while since you scrubbed the tile, it’s going to take a few rounds to get it squeaky clean again. So you may as well let some cleaning products help you. I love CLR for removing the water deposits on the glass door.

And there are a number of bleach-based products that can help you with grout. (And don’t forget to have a good brush that you can keep nearby to brush the grout while you’re showering.)

All-purpose cleaners are great for cleaning up counters in the kitchen, bathroom, and general surfaces around the house. Microfiber clothes can be used for wiping up counters as well as dusting. And you’re not using up paper towels.

If you have a lot of non-carpet floors, invest in a combination vacuum and mop that will clean everything all at once. It makes things so much easier.

I’m also testing out a robotic vacuum to see if it can help with keeping the upstairs cleaner. And, honestly, I want to see if my cat takes a ride on it.

Smarter Ways to Reduce Cleaning Time

There are some simple things you can do to cut down on cleaning time. For example, place a doormat outside and inside every door. It will catch dirt before it comes inside.

When cleaning a room, work top to bottom. So if you’re dusting up high, you can then vacuum it up. I’ve definitely vacuumed first, dusted, and then had to go re-vacuum.

You can reduce clutter by following the one-touch rule. When you bring in the mail, toss the junk mail into the recycle bin, and then place the useful mail in one spot where you can review it at the right time.

I also keep a donation box in the front hall, so if I find something I no longer want to keep, I can pop it in the box. Then periodically, I’ll bring the box down to my favorite donation station.

Some people also clean as they go and use a squeegee to clean the shower before they step out. I knew I’d never do this, so I haven’t tried. Remember, you have to set up the steps you’ll follow.

Finally, sometimes scrubbing is the wrong way to go about it. Let’s say you were making strawberry jam in your big La Cruset, and someone came to the door to give you some homemade teriyaki sauce. And you were talking for at least twenty minutes. When they left, you suddenly remembered the jam simmering on the stove.

Well, you would find a mess. And yes, I did that.

I found that the easiest way to clean the pot was to warm it up, scrape off what I could with a silicon pan scraper, and then let it sit with a baking soda paste as it cooled down. Otherwise, I’d still be scrubbing that pot.

I had a friend who didn’t like planning chores since it cut into her freedom. But the truth is, you have more freedom when you plan the basics. And you will enjoy more free time in your clean home too.