Clorox Brand Tile and Tub Scrubber

Clorox Brand Tile and Tub Scrubber

I'm always looking for better ways to clean the tile in my shower. It's not easy because I'm only 5'2".

This wand is 32" which is a little less than 3'. I'm actually fine with that since I don't want the wand to be that long otherwise I'm going to be banging the back of it on the glass door or other walls. I also like the fact that the scrubber end is replaceable, and is made of antimicrobial material.

This is great for people who need help scrubbing tile walls because you're as vertically challenged as I am, or you need extra leverage for better cleaning pressure.
This is also great for helping you clean the bottom of the tile without having to crouch down.

This is probably better if you have a smooth shower or tub surface with not a lot of grout. If you do, get the grout cleaned, and then you can use this kind of product to maintain your shower.
This shower scrubber is great for helping you keep things clean and remove water spots or soap scum.

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